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    Quote Originally Posted by kc_joe View Post
    Is condensation an issue in warmer weather? Say >50?
    I actually saw the worst condensation in warmer weather. Like pgibson said, any moisture coming off of you has nowhere to go, so if the temps are warm enough you'll end up sleeping in a puddle of your own sweat. It's pretty gross.
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    I haven't used pads by themselves and I haven't been hammock camping as long as most of you all so this doesn't really answer the OP's just a comment then a question on the same lines. My last trip was in early April and the first nights temp was 37 deg. I didn't have the UQ set correctly and was starting to get CBS. I carry a shaped 1/4" GG pad so I put that in the hammock and I was warm the rest of the night. I didn't wake up needing to bail my hammock out but I did feel a bit damp on my lower back....nothing that didn't dry by the time I had breakfast and broke camp. But I don't doubt that at some point I would feel really, really moist if I were to use the foam pad all the time. Question: are the self-inflating pads less prone to the wet back syndrome? Thanks
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