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    I bought an HG standard with doors a few months ago. It has rained nearly every time Iíve used it and on the last hike the rain blew sideways. I ended up propping my umbrella to keep from getting wet. I havenít given up yet because I like the tarp and hope I can figure out how to hang it and the hammock to get maximum coverage. I may end up selling it to someone more skilled a hanger than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikekiM View Post
    I've struggled with the idea of a DCF tarp... I went from a Mamajamba to a Superfly to two DIY silpoly hex's, one with doors one without. I thought about going to the HG Standard for the weight savings (it's significant, no doubt), but I had become accustomed to the added size of the WB tarps. I never got wet under either of them. I changed to silpoly and shaved a measurable amount of weight while keep the side protection and gaining a foot at the ridgeline. Win, Win. I'm still not in DCF weight territory, and I'm pretty sure going to DCF would put me sub ten pound territory (if I use the doorless hex, I'll be a snick over 10lbs), but the lack of side protection on a smaller tarp just hasn't seemed worth it.
    Try sil membrane material it has a lot of the same properties as Cuben with out the cost or transparency that let's so much light in, and is quieter in rain. It literally will cost half of what a Cuben tarp would and will only be around 6 ounces heavier.
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