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    Different Design Ridge-less Asym Tarp - What could go wrong?

    Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this design? Asymetric pitch, cut in line with the fabric, so ridge is not tensioned on the bias. Corners that don't fit within the fabric width are sewn on with felled seams.

    I worry a bit about pull on the seams, and water not running off them, but I can't see they would be under any more tension than they would be at the ridge. What do you folk think? Since the fabric is only 58" to 60" wide I can't do a single piece Asym that is big enough to shelter from tropical deluges. Are there other options for a no-ridge-seam Asym?

    Tarp layout by Last Scratch, on Flickr

    I have just got back from visiting a friend who guides groups in Borneo. It rains HARD and between the humidity and the UV, tarps are a consumable item. He has stated that every tarp he has had has suffered leakage from the ridge seam, the cat-cut/gross grain stand up ridge was the worst offender, but they all have problems since the jungle soon makes seam tape fall off, and seam seal doesn't last well either. For ease of set up he wants an Asym tarp, and pointed out that they don't have ridge seams to leak. However, they do sag and I am looking at what I can do to make something that doesn't stretch so much as a bias tension ridge asym does.

    I have 9yds of 58" wide 1.6oz Silpoly to work with.



    PS. Picture of our jungle camp. My WoodsmanX / Hennessey Hex PU in the foreground, lots of Dutch's materials for suspension and tarp rigging, and my friend's UKHammocks Exped with JRB tarp in the background. The JRB is starting to be a bit tired...hence my mission.

    DSC07004 by Last Scratch, on Flickr
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