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    New hammock beginner with Byer Moskito

    I am a very new begainner trying to use Hammock...bought from REI . But its not including hanging systems...Anyone can help on how to hang in up and what else i need for safe hanging it ...Any good information ??

    I am 73Kg .....

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    First of all, congratulations and welcome to a new experience. I, too, started with a Byer Moskito. It was a good way to see if this hammocking thing is for me. In fact, I won't get rid of it because it really is quite comfortable. It might be kind of like the first-car syndrome. Here are some suggestions:
    1) Tie a ridgeline from the suspension loop at one end to the other. This will prevent the little suspension lines from ever tangling. Do this the very next time you unpack the hammock, otherwise you run the risk of the lines tangling. If they are already tangled, it's no biggie, the hammock will work fine.
    2) Read through the "Sticky" threads on the Suspension Systems, Ridgelines, & Bug Nets forum. These will help you decide which of the common and proven suspension systems you prefer. (The "you prefer" part is key. There really isn't a single BEST one. Like every piece of gear, they all have been proven to work and each has it's pluses and minuses.)
    3) You'll need some kind of under insulation. A wide CCF pad will be your cheapest option, to begin with. I suggest something 36" or wider.
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    First I must say "WELCOME", now that that is out of the way, in reguards to your question the best thing to do is use the "search" tab and you will find all the info you need and more, I like you am new to the hammock world but what I did do was alot of reading on this forum, "ALOT" all the while utilizing the search tab and I found all that I needed to know to get me started, I think I read well into the night on more than a few occasions. All of the people here are very helpful and will do their best to point you in the right direction. Also there are alot of cottage industry gear makers on this forum (look under the forums page and you will see the list) I personally have ordered from a couple, and they are very much about customer service and will help you as much as they can, and to make it even better, its always been great gear, "GREAT". Once again welcome to HF!

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    Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to watch the video's on suspension, tarps,& trip reports. Lots of information there.
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    Yes, the viedoe's are quite helpful- just in case you hadn't seen it before -"noob" is pronounced (nu-bee) (long u , long e); more standardly spelled newbie- a beginner, neophyte. check any of the threads or videos with some form of that word in the title, and you will find very good information for folks new to the hammocking experience.
    Hope this helps, KM

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    super thanks......... I really need learn learn and search serach the info here are all good guys ~~~ , my friends -rich friend- bought a H/H at the same time , hope we could safe to sleeping in our new toys ( not falling down) . .HAHAHAHA...

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    OH .....really upset...for my first time .....super cold at night ,,,falling down from the hammock .....maybe not setup in good position...


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    Quote Originally Posted by harold1203 View Post
    OH .....really upset...for my first time .....super cold at night ,,,falling down from the hammock .....maybe not setup in good position...

    Hey harold1203....
    I have a video series that may help out a wee bit: Shug's Hammock How-To
    Cover a lot of the issues that you will face .... warmth, hanging etc....
    Good luck and be patient.
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    Shug's YouTube Videos

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    Quote Originally Posted by harold1203 View Post
    I am a very new begainner trying to use Hammock...bought from REI . But its not including hanging systems...Anyone can help on how to hang in up and what else i need for safe hanging it ...Any good information ??

    I am 73Kg .....
    Can you access YouTube in Hong Kong? I know it's blocked on the mainland ... if you can access it ... definitely check Shug's Video's. Covers all the basics.

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    yea. Shug ..I am your fans ....I watched you all youtube vedio ...Maybe i can;t find a good trap ....pad ....I bought a ENO strap with two Carabiners.......I dont know is it the tree type ? ..i dont know whats the name of have layer and layer skins..easy to tear off will try more but i need to repair the moskito net first have a big holes when i falling down ...><".... / and When i slept inside the is very tight and little space.....very tight ....And feel unconfortable ...

    Do yours guy will use sleeping bag ???

    I need try more .. I really know why the price different of HH friends sleep in at the same day ...HH really confortable alot ////I need modify the bayer .....

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