Hey everyone..

2Q and ZQ were kind enough to let me be the first to try their new sewn-on doors modification service for the MacCat Deluxe and MacCat Ultra tarps. So, I happily sent them my MacCat Ultra to measure and work with. As we've all come to expect from Tim and Donna, what I received back is nothing short of superb!

First, they started with a well-considered door panel size, such that the door pairs not only match the tarp perfectly, but form a generous vestibule when staked out. Then, they finished each door by binding the entire perimeter edge securely with grosgrain, and added a reinforced corner guy-out panel and webbing loop. Next, each door is handily bound to the inside edge of the tarp with grosgrain with the same great sewing details that ZQ amazes us with... Finally, they added an elastic cord loop with barrel-toggle for rolling up and securing the doors when not in use. All added up, it creates a VERY secure door with 'factory' fit and finish that can be deployed or stowed at will.

I have now had the pleasure to use this tarp on two multi-day hikes and I couldn't be happier with it. It has stood up not only to driven wind and rain, but also to the icy wind and snowy conditions at Mt Rogers...all with perfect ease.

If you would like to 'storm-proof' your existing MacCat...the answer is here!