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    diy insulated 10.5
    DIY Asym
    DIY Down UQ/TQ
    becket hitch
    I bought one of these and tried it with numerous hammocks. With most backpacking hammocks coming in at 10.5' and longer it was a tight fit on this stand. Because of it's smaller size, I was able to fit a tarp over it with no problem. The height off the ground didn't bother me because I bought it to bolt into the roof rack of my jeep. If I can find a photo I'll post it. Ended up taking it back to walmart because I didn't think I'd use it.

    - Easy to purchase, walmart
    - affordable, $50
    - Relatively well made
    - packs small

    - short, made for 9' hammocks i'd guess
    - heavy, 30ish pounds
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    Heres my two cents worth....
    At 200 lbs, the Ozark Trail stand feels pretty solid and stable when Im hanging in it. These pics are with a Kammock Roo hammock. Its a 10 hammock. Hung directly from the obvious hanging points of the stand, I am touching the floor while in the hammock. However, by going to the less obvious hanging points, attached to the frame and below the more obvious hanging points, I was able to adjust the height of the hammock to my liking. I had to use another loop to extend the hammock just a bit to get it just where I wanted but, it is working fine and I feel it was worth the money.
    This stand wont be used for camping but, will make a nice indoor/deck stand for use around the house. May even take it to my local drop zone for use if Im spending the night inside the hangar during a weekend of skydiving.
    Pics are of the hammock with no one in it, with me hanging in it to show sag/hang angle, distance from floor, alternate hanging points and extension loop used.
    With me hanging in the hammock, my wife measured from the lowest point to the floor. I was about 4 from the floor.
    Hope this is helpful.

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    Update..... I got a set of bed risers from Wally World to raise the hammock stand. Now, I’m further from the floor (at a good height for getting in and out) and have slept in the Kammock Roo using this stand on several nights. Have even added a ridge line and organizer to keep my iPhone, charger and a pair of reading glasses in overnight. No complaints. I’ve been quite comfy using this stand.

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