I don't know if I'd liken MN weather to Maine's or not... that's where I grew up, and I just spent a week up there in a hammock. I'm a cold sleeper, and I'm only comfortable when covered. I brought with me a 20-degree Loco Libre TQ with a sewn footbox. I figured by the end of last week, I'd be on the lookout for a summer quilt... but I think I've found the last TQ I'm going to buy, unless I need to go colder.

The LL is light enough and packs down plenty for my needs. Nighttime temps varied from high 60s down to mid 40s, and when I didn't want my feet too warm, I'd just pull them out and lay the TQ on top of me.

I hope this helps. I'm just glad I don't have to find another quilt, as this one will serve all of my foreseeable needs.