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    zer0 PCT section. Yosemite to Tahoe

    Just landed in Fresno, and checked in the hotel until tomorrow for the AM bus trip to Yosemite.
    I'm loaded at 30lbs full capacity food and water storages. It's good to know that's the absolute worst/heaviest I will be, and feeling greatful for the first 5 miles of downhill to kick off the hike. Planning on consuming some of that food and water storage tonight and tomorrow before trail start. Resupply at Sonora Pass will drop 2 1/2 lbs from shipping the bearvault, and I will reguage my food consumption with hopes of bumping a portion of it forward to Carson Pass.

    Will be hanging the entire section!
    Hammock-GT SB skin
    Underquilt- DIY Integrated 5oz climashield
    TopQuilt- Zpacks down sleeping bag
    Bugnet- DIY bottom entry
    Fly- GT Funky Forest

    Not planning on crushing out high mileage days because I brought my fishing pole.

    Holler if you're on the trail!

    Hopefully I can figure out how to load pictures from mobile.
    Oh yea.....First post!

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    Enjoy - sounds wonderful

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    Made it safe to Lake Tahoe.

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