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    CCF Thickness for 0F

    How many inches CCF pads would i need to be comfortable in 0F weather (in a hammock)?

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    Everyone is different and not all CCF is of the same grade. 2 layers of the cheap Walmart blue pad at a minimum. 1 layer of quality 1/2" or maybe 5/8" would be what I would look at for getting down to around 0F. But a lot of factors play into that being "comfortable".
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    As I've mentioned before, I abandoned pads at 22* F and went to underquilts. I was warm enough, but there was simply too much condensation. Both my sons had the same problem. We were warm in our hammocks but everything was soaked (and obviously, any clothing you wore was soaked).

    There are a few (very few) people who say they've never had a problem with pads and condensation. There are even fewer that say when temps get around 0* F or lower, they prefer pads and abandon underquilts entirely. Personally, I found that the lower the temps, the more the condensation. I can't see how condensation would increase from 70* F down to 22* F, then mysteriously decrease as temps got lower. Maybe the condensation freezes and people don't notice it? Regardless, I'm sticking with underquilts because managing pads is a pain in the butt, even in a double layer.

    FYI, I was using a 5/8" ccf pad to get to 22* F. I'm not sure how low one can go with ccf pads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by questionmike View Post
    How many inches CCF pads would i need to be comfortable in 0F weather (in a hammock)?
    CCF pad and comfortable? I am having difficulty comprehending. These words don't belong in the same sentence.

    Good Luck
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