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    Sierra Stealth Wearable Summer Quilt On Sale

    Hello! The Sierra Stealth Wearable Summer Quilt is on sale this weekend starting at $189.95. All orders will be shipped Monday. If you have any questions please ask. Have a great weekend!

    Sierra Stealth Wearable Summer Quilt
    Lighter than a similarly rated sleeping bag. It is wider (52 inches) at the shoulders and down through the hips and then tapers to 42 inches at the foot end. This sew through, down quilt alternative to our standard baffled, down quilts is ideal for use when temperatures are not expected to be below 40-45. Form the foot box and use as a top quilt or wear as a serape using the non-snagging, mixed hook & loop re-sealable head hole. For individuals over 5 feet 10 inches tall we offer a long version (86" in length). Includes a 1.2 oz. JRB silnyl compression sack, and can be compressed to the size of a small melon 7"x7"x5".
    Jacks R Better, makers of the of the Original Under Quilt and Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock.
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    Great quilt, I love the versatility.

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