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    Great videos of "Bat Hammock", single point hammock high in the trees!

    These are videos I saw from member Refreshing's for sale thread. I just thought this whole concept was extremely cool. As a big fan of Claytor more traditonal hammocks, I have seen these hammocks for many years at Tom Claytor's web site, and always thought they had potential. But I was always just thinking in terms of hanging near normal height, just a few feet of the ground, but instead of using 2 trees, just hanging it from a single branch of 1 tree. But these guys are climbing up into tall trees and hanging from way up there! Wild!

    This reminds me of Ed Speer's tale of some of his wild experiences on solo kayak trips in the Alaska wilderness. Most nights when he would make camp, the shoreline where he landed would be covered with Grizzly tracks. So he would do 1 of 2 things: paddle out to a small island that had at least 2 usable trees and hang there, a good distance over the water from all the tracks. Or, he would- using climbing gear- get high up in a tree and manage to hang his Speer GE hammock from 2 branches. I think he slept in a climbing harness and rope anchored to the tree for extra safety. But either way, he still got most of the hammock comfort(can't remember how he rigged a tarp) and did not have to be on guard all night against Grizzly bears. (this is all detailed in his book on hammock camping ).
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