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    Quote Originally Posted by cmoulder View Post
    Yep, agree... I was referring to the slipped 1/2 hitch. Jeff Myers' video is the 'Becket Bible' lol. (I stumbled across some posts of his here and discovered he is a banned bad boy!)
    I do not know anything about Jeff Myers history in the Forum, but he has been great to work with when I had a boat load of questions before I placed my order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikekiM View Post
    Maybe I am more visual, but if I understand this you are creating a large continuous loop that passes around only the back side of the tree... not completely around the circumference of the tree. If I am correct, that uses far more strap than any other configuration.. and how does it not slip down the tree? I must be missing something..

    And 1/2" Strap?

    edit...... I just looked at the link. Sure does take a lot of strap to make that double turn... and I see 'once or twice around the tree addresses that concern.
    That is correct, it normally only goes around the back side of the tree, though if the tree is small- and I normally choose the smallest trees available that are big enough, due to a paranoia about large trees or the branches of large trees falling on me- I have wrapped it around those trees more than once to assure no slippage. But mostly just around the back of the tree and back to the hammock. It has amazingly never slipped and I have some how always had enough.

    I actually put a harbor freight 1" strap and cinch buckle set/carabiner up on the head end many years ago. I can't remember why I did that, maybe I did not trust the Claytor suspension completely and only had 1 cinch buckle available? But, I have recently considered putting it back in stock condition on the cinch buckle end. Since:
    1: I have had no issues over all these years,
    2:and if anything my HF strap looks the worse for wear and dropped me to the ground once when I failed to make sure the cinch buckle was lined up straight
    3: and since my son and his buddy used the the stock Claytor on both ends and had no issues
    4: and the Claytor requires no hardwear ( carabiner ) but seems about as quick and easy as the cinch buckle
    5: I have not measured or weighed, but the Claytor webbing seems lighter and less voluminous.

    I have not switched it yet, but I have considered it. For one thing, I don't have enough carabiners for all my hammocks and sometimes go to use this Claytor and realize I don't have a biner on it and have to go find one.

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    I was just thinking about the becket hitch this week.
    I still prefer it because of it's simplicity.
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    I used the J-Bend last weekend with whoopie slings since I needed the carabiner that acted as my toggle. I liked it since I swapped to the J-Bend in mere seconds.

    Carbon fiber webbing will finally work for me. Thinking about 1x 12' one-inch head webbing, 1x 8' one-inch foot webbing, and 2x 4' two-inch tree huggers for car-camping extensions.

    Couldn't be happier about getting rid of difficult buckles. I'll use the Becket Hitch at first, then switch to J-Bend when I can deploy on first attempts.

    I learn so much here that I've just renewed my membership for two years! GO TEAM!!

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    Carolina Red—-I used a slip knot completely below larks head. Slip knot is tied by itself on strap below larks head.
    Then larks head on end of continuous loop is slid down to the slip knot.
    That’s how I tie it—-you can tie anything you want
    like a slipped half hitch—or if you tie same thing I tied in video then you tied a slip knot and called it a slipped half hitch?
    Thousand ways to make it work for you.

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