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    Product Review: ProVenture 12' Hex Hammock Tarp

    This is a fantastic tarp at a value price. This tarp is comparable to the Chill Gorilla Hex Tarp. They are similar sized and use the same material.(I have both). I would bet the are manufactured at the same factory and the major difference being the branding. While I feel like an advertising billboard with the Chill Gorilla's oversized logo, the ProVenture is more subtle, though still prominent. The other difference is the ProVenture includes brass grommets on each of the 6 tieouts. This add a little weight and the ProVenture is a fraction of an ounce heavier than the Chill Gorilla, however they are extremely useful in setting up in porch mode. The end of a trekking pole or stick fits without tying or poking the fabric.

    The ProVenture Hex Tarp is 142" along the Ridgeline and 144" including the tie-outs. It is 110" wide. This provides plenty of coverage for an 11' hammock on the most blustery of days or nights. The package includes two stuff sacks, one for the tarp, and one for steaks and accessories. Both stuff sacks have slide closures. 4 stakes and 6 color matching diamond braided with a reflective strand guylines (3m ~10' long) are included with plastic line tensioners. I found these to be excessively long and cut 2 of them in half to provide the corner guylines. The tie outs are of .75" nylon strap material. They are strong and the corners are reinforced where they are sewn in. The stitching in the tarp is quality, though mass production is evident at thread ends can be found. Though they are quickly trimmed.

    The tarp weighs 23 oz. and the whole kit including lines, bags etc. weighs 28 oz. The material is a rip-stop coated nylon advertised as 210D material. This tarp is a champ. One of the best features is they are extremely competitively priced at $29.99 (August 2018) on Amazon. This tarp has been featured with a coupon one in the fall of 2017, though I have not seen it return, though I have seen similar tarps with coupons since then.

    Performance: Top notch. I have now used this tarp for approximately 20 nights over the last year. I have been in rain several times and freezing rain twice. The material can soak up a little water adding weight until dry. Also, when wet the tarp can be a little difficult to put in the tight fitting stuff sack. The Chill Gorilla stuff sack is more generous. Though when dry there are no issues. The material is strong and hold up to wend well. I have the teal color and during the day it allows plenty of light through. I also have the dark blue and black versions and they block light nicely if that is desirable.

    I would highly recommend this tarp for anyone looking for a quality tarp made for hammocking. It is also an excellent tarp for backpacking. At 26 oz. it is not the lightest out there, but I run a base pack weight in the 15 lb range with a shelter system that cost under $60.00 retail.

    I'm super impressed with the quality of this tarp, and it has performed well.

    In summary the ProVenture 12' Hammock Hex Tarp is a high quality inexpensive that out performs what one might expect for the price.

    If you have a question or I missed an aspect you'd like to see let me know.
    Picture Guide:
    1) Tarp only Weight 1lb 7 oz.
    2) Tarp kit weight 1 lb 12 oz.
    3) Along the AT near Mt. Rodger, Va.
    4) The ProVenture and Chill Gorilla side by side at the Red River Gorge. Showing off their respective logos.
    5) Winter along the Wildcat Hollow trail in Wayne NF.

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    Excellent review. Thank you.

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    Nice, thanks for the review!

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