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    Your trees are further apart than what I often have to use - we are about the same height. So further apart means higher up.

    I "reverse engineered" it. I first decided how high I wanted to reach comfortably - say 6 ft. Then I used the hammock calculator (web version) To see, given my hammock and desired distance above ground, how far apart the trees could be before the suggested suspension height was higher than 6 ft. That gave me a maximum distance for tree separation.

    [The new smart phone calculator may allow you to set the suspension height first and work from there - but though it is in Apple's App store, it was only designed for Android and doesn't work (can't edit numbers) on the Apple devices. So I just use the older website version.]

    So you have a choice - struggle with getting the suspension higher (who put that branch/nail/knob up there) or spend the time looking for closer trees.

    One of my first hammock epiphanies was that "good trees" were harder to find than I naively thought. There are plenty of trees in the pacific northwest, but many are too far apart, too close together, have a third tree between them that interfere with the tarp, has UQ tearing ground cover, etc.

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    Yes.. too many
    Find trees that are closer together..

    Observations when looking at your picture and the length of your straps...

    First, the two trees you chose are much farther than three paces for someone who is 5'6".

    I am 5'11" and I look for about 7 paces.. Or, I use the trekking pole strategy to identify best trees.

    Second, the set of trees right behind the one you chose look to be a bit closer and might have been easier to hang from. Admittedly, I have no idea what the canopy looked like, but but it would appear the trees you chose are a bit far apart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Grappler View Post
    Hangdang, I’m almost same height as you.
    I put strap around tree and fasten it securely—
    with lots of looseness around tree.
    My first try is just reach as high as I can stretch. And do the lumberjack roll—kinda like jumping rope.
    My second try is to stand on a rock or piece of firewood and again reach high as I can.
    My third try is use a hiking pole or stick with a forked branch and reach up in the stratosphere, pushing strap up around tree.
    And then cinching strap tight around tree before it decides to slide back down.
    You missed the fourth method - see if TallPaul is hanging next to you and ask him to help .
    It was good catching up with ya at John Rock hang.

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    Thanks TallPaul. I want to find out the fourth way to reach up tree. And thanks for helping a short man at John Rock—your trekking pole did the trick

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