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    Any comment on Aqua Quest Defender Tarp, 2.7 lbs, 13' x 10' and 20,000 MM Hydrostatic Head

    Hi everyone:

    I recently was looking at extreme tarps and saw something about the Aqua Quest Defender Tarp, made by in the Pacific Northwest. Does anyone have any comments/experience with this tarp..It looks like a beast for car camping, and the price is right for the size of this tarp, and the durability claims/hydrostatic head stats. I realize this is for car camping only, as it is crazy heavy for most backpackers.


    Just an edit on the weight..the 13' x 10' defender comes in at a robust 5 lbs...definitely car camping only, but what a beast of a tarp.
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    One of the tarps in my arsenal is the AquaQuest SAFARI series 10'x10' square tarp. The safari series is the manufacturer's middle ground between the GUIDE series (lightweight) and DEFENDER series (heavy duty).

    All are silnylon tarps with PU coating for waterproofness. The Defender series is alleged to have a heavier PU coating than the Safari, but both are 70D nylon. The safari is ripstop, but I'm not sure about the defender. I only have experience with the safari line, but my 10'x10' is a very versatile tarp that I've used in many situations.

    For hammocking, I use it set up as a rectangular A-frame between the support beams for my deck. These are just under 11' apart, so this 10'x10' square is one of the only tarps I have that will fit between them. I've used it pitched as a diamond between trees. I've used it with and without trekking poles to create awnings. I've also used it with 8' collapsible poles supporting 2 corners, and the other corners tied to the ground to create a big lean-to sun shade.

    I've never had any issues with the tarp and it sees more use than most of my others. It is very waterproof and the seams are well-sealed. No issues with any of the stitching or reinforcements. The tie outs are all just grosgrain loops with no hardware of any sort. I've left it like that, and just add, tie outs, hardware, larkshead shock cord loops, etc. as needed.

    Again, I don't have experience with the Defender series, but I would assume it's all the same details, just heavier duty and heavier weight. Aqua Quest is a US company but the tarps are manufactured overseas.

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