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    Quote Originally Posted by Shug View Post
    The good ol' SPE ( really helps to keep a pad manageable.
    See it at 4:37 in video below.

    Thank you for the idea.

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    I use the extra large Thermarest Trail Scout: -- it doesn't weigh that much, has a good R rating, and its just-barely-grippy surface doesn't slide much once you put it down. Its large size also gives you room to sleep on your side if that's your thing, doesn't get wet from splashback like underquilts do, and also provides going-to-ground insurance. It's cheap, and made in the USA.

    The only drawback is that it's a bit bulkier than other pads, so if you're backpacking, you may want to roll it up without folding it in half, and carry it either across the top or bottom of your pack.

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