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    Not sure if there a different types of Linelocs, but I don't particularly like the "Lineloc 3" thingies that came with my Incubators and Tarptents. They are OK, but do slip when the tension gets to a certain point. I recently discovered Slide Locs and think they are very promising. I have used them a couple of times on the ridgeline and am planning to get them installed on the guy tie-outs. They bite down hard and I have not been able to get one to slip. If I had a choice, I would probably give these a go. But all my tarps have triangles, and I like the versatility as well as that they can be grabbed much easier than webbing loops.

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    I'm a fan of the Line-Locs... attached at the tarp edge, you don't have to get out and get wet to do an adjustment like you do with stake-end hitches or mid-line bling.
    You also can get the full use of your length of cordage [if needed] since there is no line doubling back... and we all know the reflective/save-yer-shins cord stock don't come cheap!
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    I just finished making a tarp and I used Linelocs 3 and Beastee Dee rings attached to Grosgrain loops. This way I have flexibility built-in for the cost of a bunch of extra grams.

    If you are using the appropriate sized cordage, the Linelocs should hold against almost any force and they are super easy to adjust even in gloves. Yeah, they are plastic but I've never had them fail due to cold weather in any of my tents/tarps. They make efficient use of the cord, are adjustable from under the tarp, and don't require knowing any knots.

    The downside of Linelocs is they can slip if you aren't using the right sized cord or perhaps a too slippery cord. They could theoretically break in the cold but I've never heard of that. You are going to be adding a few extra grams in weight.

    The D rings are there to give me an additional connection point for a different tieout or an internal pole mod. Extra flexibility for a few more grams.

    Just using a loop is still a fine option because you can attach anything to a loop. Directly attach the tie outs or stake the tarp down with the loops. You can add Linelocs or D rings or anything else by attaching them to the loop. I don't bother because I know I like the Linelocs so I just attach them directly.

    All the options are good depending on how you want to set up your tarp.

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    With the LL3 (and some other hardware) you can tie a simple slipped overhand knot below the device to limit how far it can slip.
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