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    I'm a large tarp advocate. That said, I like to support HH because it was my first hammock experience and you have to start somewhere. There is nothing wrong with the HH expedition; in fact, I like the classic "duck under" entry. But there is just more right with other alternatives. Even if you get a larger tarp, keep the smaller one for times when there is near percent chance of rain. Birds gotta poop and occasionally a full moon comes up at night - both can render sleeping on your back, face up, somewhat uneasy. The small tarp is great for those situations. Or maybe you want to tarp off an area for your gear, or a small area for cooking.

    One hint on the standard HH tarp. I recall that it was designed to clip on the same suspension line as the hammock. As such, though you have it taut when out of the hammock, when you get in the hammock it could pull the ends closer together and add slack to the tarp. So, when I used it, I suspend the tarp independently from the hammock suspension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicar7 View Post
    Howdy - 2012 HF member whose login expired from underuse. Sorry, everybody. Glad to know nobody snagged the vicar7 name in the years away.

    ANYWAY. I'm trying to get back into hanging with my stock HH expedition asym zip. Have a new UQ and everything. But I live in the PacNW, want to go out next week and the weather calls for rain.

    I've only used the hammock in dry weather.

    Am I in trouble if I go into the Mt. Jefferson wilderness with the stock HH asym diamond tarp? It seems...I don't know...small and likely to get me soaked if the rain moves at all sideways.

    Anybody have actual experience using this thing in the wet? I imagine I should upgrade my tarp at some point if I'm serious about getting back into it but don't know if I'll have time before I head out.

    We used ours on LASH on the AT. If I would do it over I would have used a larger tarp or a bottom quilt protector.



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