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    Question Lost Creek Colorado June 2019- BUGs ?

    I feel like a lightweight asking this, but I've been spoiled since I left the east and came to CO in the 90s. I usually trek in less forested areas at higher altitude with fewer lakes. So...... how are the bugs in early June ? Hopefully not at bad as Maine :-)

    I know it's been a wet winter, are there places to camp that are less soggy ? I think a friend is suggesting this area since it's early in the season and lower altitude/less snow. I'm willing to swim in repellent if needed but lovely if I don't' have to. Any info appreciated.
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    I am a bit farther north, but I'm well acquainted with the seasonal rotation of bugs.

    In early June you might encounter considerable snow in the mountains depending on this years snow pack conditions for the drainages chosen to visit. Then there are the mosquitoes that will be abundant during the spring, i.e. June. In July and into early August the mosquitoes are joined by black flies, deer flies, and a bit later horse flies. Unquestionably the finest times for a foray into the Rockies would be in late August and early September. Of course this is also the time bears are in hyperphagia as they prepare for the coming winter's snoozing. Of course, griz are no longer at home in CO so that is to your advantage. Mid-September typically heralds the equinox storms just to test your preparedness factor.

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    Figure Id chime in, hope Im not too late!

    I did a solo overnight in Lost Creek Wilderness July 1st 2018, then another solo 3-day September 1st 2018. Its definitely a great area, and one of my personal favorites! I will be back multiple times this year.

    Bugs: honestly, few and far between. I didnt have any problems whatsoever, not even with mosquitos.

    I do a lot of hiking out here in CO, and bugs really arent a problem, year round, unless youre hanging really close to a large lake, or standing water.

    I would recommend spraying everything down with permethrin, just in case, but its rarely needed. I dont even carry deet anymore!

    Anyways, be happy to answer anymore questions you have about the area. Have a great trip, its beautiful out there!

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    Every year is different. I would take a little deet with you for the occasional mosquito or day time biting fly. Even in June you are still looking at 50-degree nites.

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