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    Simple DIY tarp pull-out yo-yo clips

    Inspired by Tato/Dutch clip on pull out, I made pull outs from bottles in seconds and wood in about an hour. I lined the bottle caps with tape to soften the sharp bottle neck collars. I covered the wood (yo-yo shapes) entirely in tape to protect the tarp from sap and such. If I knew what I was doing, I would prefer exposing the natural wood (tips?). Alternatively, I think champagne corks and small cabinet door knobs would work well.

    Both bottles held up throughout a light windy night although one threatened to pop off by morning. The wood examples have deeper cuts which I expect will hold the rope more secure. These seem to pinch the tarp fabric less than similar designs I've seen, while still holding firm without much tension on the line.

    A little key-chain LED inside a bottle could make groovy mood lighting.
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