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    Billlmichhiker - there's been a lot of discussion about over vs under. For me, it's seasonal. In the spring/summer/fall there's a chance of rain and one has to be sure, if their line is under, that it doesn't become a freeway for rain droplets to flow under the tarp.And you have some wear on the seam seal. In the winter, around here, you are not worried about the rain. But tree branches can load up with snow. It that case, a line under the tarp offers more support against falling snow.
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    20 tips for hammock camping in the rain

    I had pooling at tarp ridgeline with Kokomo suspension. And stopped using Kokomo
    Continuous ridgeline is under tarp and not as good in rain as split ridgeline or ridgeline over tarp

    I got a tighter tarp ridgeline and made a change to reduce pooling
    One side is high and other side is low, now tarp ridgeline is not horizontical but is slopped towards one tree

    A large tarp helps in rain—mine is 13 foot ridgeline by 12 wide

    I almost always tie off tarp corners to vegetation
    No stakes whipping around in wind and rain
    I use stakes from time to time, but try to avoid stakes

    If very windy, I cross corner lines like an X in front of trees hammock is on and wrap lines around base of tree trunk twice like a round turn and tie off with a shoestring type knot

    If extremely windy and I don’t have enough sense to bail—due to increased chances of widow makers. I tie tarp corners together and all end loops together too. This will look like an upside down envelope. The whole rig can swing back and forth in unison with very little chance of damage to tarp and tarp loops

    Thanks TallPaul

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