Thanks Pappy, I hope some of my blather ended up being useful to you(and others)! It seemed to me that securing the OC on the inside was a good bit more wind resistant. I think I remember(and maybe posted about) the wind tended to catch around the bottom edges of the OC and lift it up. Not that it was not still of significant help, plus that may have been of some help in the condensation department. Secured so tha the edges are outside increased the likelihood of any side ways rain(and fog?) that got past the tarp - and posssibly also inside condensation- will run off to the outside.

OldPappy: I was using VB clothing, so the humidity was due to breathing.
Frost bib! Huge help! That is probably the main reason, even more so than the VB clothing, why I remained bone dry inside the OC/UC at 6F, little or no breeze.