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    I have a few hundred AT miles and many scout trips on the Ruta Locura CF poles in my Warbonnet Ridge-runner. The best configuration we've found is to have 5 equal sections made. You will end up snapping a section at some point and the 4 sections with the nipples will be interchangeable. Go ahead and have him send you 2 middle sections with one as a backup. As my son and I both use this carbon pole configuration, we also keep an end section on hand. Insist on the solid ferrules for strength. This coupled with the Ruta Locura 2-piece hiking poles (foot section) allow for excellent backup.
    The art of snapping a hammock pole is another discussion, though it's always the head pole that snaps, and there's little worse than snapping a hammock pole and having to improvise with a tree branch in the middle of the night.

    I just wrote this for backpacking light. They did an excellent, unbiased, comparison of hiking poles

    Don't forget the functionality of poles with hammocks and tarps. The Ruta Locura also fit the foot section of a Warbonnet Ridge Runner Bridge, while compressed, perfectly with the adapter. Poles can be used to pitch a tarp in porch mode or in other configurations. The Ruta Locura also fit with a takora fly fishing kit. I'm a real fan of the Ruta Locura, with about 200 AT miles on my pair, though I use Z-poles while traveling due to their ability to break down into 3 sections.
    The BD Z-pole straps last about 50 trail miles (they are crap). I've been through 3 pair and now use just nylon webbing.
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