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    Dutch 2Ts hammock chair-way too long review.

    I love having gear that can do multiple tasks and this is one item that certainly fits that bill. I bought mine in orange so I could use it as a pack cover and distinguish myself from deer in the woods. I recently got back from a two nighter on the AT in GA and got to use this product so here is my review. On our first day out, we got some drizzle at lunch so I deployed the chair as a pack cover. In this configuration, it did its job in keeping my pack dry but in all honesty, I would rather use my pack cover that came with my OHM as it fits better. There is some extra material flopping around using the chair as a pack cover but not really enough to make it annoying. On the first night out, I used the chair as a gear hammock. It comes with loops on each end (which I had to cinch with a tiny piece of shock cord to keep from pulling through the end of the chair) and I brought a dyneema strap suspension to hang it from. However, my trees were close enough that I was able to use the leftover straps from my hammock suspension to string up the gear hammock. In my opinion, this is the application where the chair shines the brightest. I put my pack in the chair and was able to keep all my gear off the ground. It was very easy to reach out and access anything I needed during the night. On the second night, the gear hammock hung directly under me which I'm sure gave me a bit of extra butt protection in staying warm during the mid-20's degree night.

    I didn't use the chair as an actual chair during this trip, but tried it at home before leaving-in this mode, it works well but I don't think this will be my main use for the item. You can also use the chair as a ground sheet and water basin, but I engaged it as a gear sling when setting up camp and don't see myself breaking it down for those uses.

    In conclusion, this is going to be an every-trip piece of gear for me going forward. I will leave my pack cover at home and use this in its place. I probably will continue to carry my Stansport stool as it makes it so much nicer to cook from and there are not always trees available to use the hammock chair where I will be cooking.

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    I'm glad you posted this because I've not paid attention to the fact that this is also a pack cover and a gear hammock. Dutchware also has another pack cover that can double as a gear hammock here:
    and I thought that's all there was. This one may be more versatile.

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