Well, I got out this weekend and had a chance to test my new setup. I was expecting 3 days of non-stop rain, but it actually only rained at night.
This was my first venture out with my costco gemeni underquilt and another costco overquilt instead of my trusty military sleep system and pad, using a bug net for a little additional warmth/privacy and a small emergency tarp as a windblock/underquilt protector. It worked pretty spectacularly, everything stayed nice and dry, and quilts are a lot more liberating than staying in a sleeping bag.
I was very worried about water running down the bottom of the beak and onto my bug net, but that didn't seem to happen. Overall, I like a nice big tarp, but the 8x10 felt roomy enough for my 9' hammock.

I only got a couple pictures, but I'll post them after I get home. I used leaves as the buttons to secure my beaks instead of the grommets, which actually gives a bit of overlap and probably improves performance.