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    If you are a DIY and love to play and do different things to a hammock then I would honestly stick with a cheap hammock and hammer out your designs and different ways of doing something before you sink your money into expensive material, but if you are a newbie to this and still have questions even after all these great answers then my solid advice is get out hanging with some more experienced hangers who have some higher end hammocks.
    Higher end hammocks=
    better material
    personalization of your hammock
    home made
    and from the cottage vendors, excellent customer service

    The cottage vendors here in the US are awesome, because if they were not then they would not be in business.
    To only step where others have stepped means not to have your own adventures. Live, Love, and Adventure so you may leave your own foot prints!

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    As owner of 5+ tents and hammocks, I think one of the differences is that I enjoy more when I changed(upgrade?) hammock vs. tents.
    start with complete set of ENO then bugnet, tarp, woopie, UQ... just add more fun to outing/camping.
    $15 blue tarp vs. $40 footprint vs $100+ tarp all shield you one way or the other, but the experience is very different especially raining/windy/snow

    Whatever you choose, just don't try things could land you on ground unexpectedly or cut into trees you hanging, get breeze butt you'll consider better gear, and that's fun to begin with.

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