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    I know. That can be a pain in the ***.

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    Yes.. too many
    I have guy lines that stay on each of three tarps.. At this point I am using Z-Line on all of them, with Tarp Worms. Z-Line is one of the more tangle resistant cords I have used but still I take each line and fig-8 it. Not a big deal unless it's really windy, then it's not unusual for the fig-8 to unravel in the wind. After years of mental gymnastics, I finally gave in to trying a two piece snake skin. Not sure I like it... yet. Mainly because I don't know how I want to pack it all once in the snake skin. I typically use a noseeum stuff sack which is really soft and flexible, yet keeps the tarp neat. Also breaths more than the HH snake skins I am trying.
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