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    Big Guy Bridge Waiting List- Last Call

    I think I caught up with everyone at this point;

    So if you were on the waiting list please check your junk mail box as that's where my return emails tend to end up for many folks.
    If we have not exchanged emails and I do not hear from you within a week- you will be removed from the list and any pre-sale discounts will be lost.

    If for some reason I missed you and you have previously contacted me- shoot me an email [email protected]

    For new customers- feel free to reach out. I am building the next list already as I close out the first one and the new list is open to anyone.
    Basically- you get added to the list and when I have product ready- it ships.
    I will hopefully be reaching out to some of you on the new list

    At this time:
    Big Guy (350+ model): A batch is in process and I'm filling the last few orders on the original waiting list. I will likely be able to fill a few of the recent inquiries as well.
    Next batch will likely be ready to fulfill new orders (or those who held off) by Thanksgiving.

    Luxury(250 or under model): I have caught up on the Luxury Bridges. There are a handful available for immediate shipping in Coyote Brown(1), Burnt Orange(2), and Olive Yellow(1).

    The Happy Mediums are out for testing.
    The 1.7 model seems to be doing fine at up to 225 pounds and a hair under 17 ounces. I will likely move to orders on these if folks are interested.
    The 1.2 model will likely only go to 160-180 pounds depending on how long you want it to last. That weighs in at 12 ounces (dynaglide) or 13 ounces (amsteel).
    These weights include Carbon Fiber Spreader bars and the ridgeline but no suspension.
    I do have some UL suspensions on hand in a few different flavors and combos. With all the new UL webbings... Huggers and dynaglide whoopies can put you well under 2 ounces and I have a few of each to pair with bridges if needed.

    Current Pricing:
    Big Guy- $350
    Luxury- $325
    Happy Medium- $300 (comes standard with $90 set of Ruta Locura Manufactured Carbon Fiber spreader bars).

    'Just a Bugnet'- bottom entry style bug net- comes in Big or Medium at this time.
    Cost sold separately- $85- discounted to $50 with bridge purchase.

    Suspension if needed:
    Color matched Carabiners (camp nano 22)
    6' Whoopie slings- (color matched for BG/Lux- Orange Dynaglide for Medium)
    5' Tree Huggers

    $12 per pair of each or a full set for $35. I recommend having a pair of biners to keep everything neat and fast for setup.
    Rather than build the cost into the bridges... most of you already have this stuff. However I do offer it as cheap as I can for bridge customers to add it on.
    Suspension prices are only for bridge customers

    Shipping, paypal fees, etc are included. No extras or BS for CONUS shipments.
    International orders are possible, but thus far I've only been doing them with savvy folks who use a mail forwarding service.

    Again- feel free to visit the website but it's a work in progress and you can't buy anything there at this time.
    Contacting me via email is the only way to purchase.
    I will send you a paypal invoice when the order is ready to ship and at this time is the only method of payment processing available.
    (You can pay the invoice with your CC or Debit through paypal, I just can't process your card personally- which is safer for both of us regardless.)

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    The Backlog List is closed out.

    All new inquiries will be first come first served at full retail price moving forward.

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