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I'm in an ongoing fight with calf ridge on my GE hammock. I now have it minimal, but still there. I may have to call a truce and try the bridge hammock. I had never considered a bridge hammock until I read this post. It was very informative. I just checked the JRB website and videos and my Grey lock 4 will work seamlessly with this hammock. I'll probably wait for the new model to come out and try to figure out which I like better.
Starting with the 1st one I ever heard of or tried(about 07), the original JRB BMBH( I think I got #6 off the assembly line), any and all bridge hammocks I have tries have 100% obliterated all issues with calf ridge or knee hyper-extension. That is their forte. No sweet spots, no perfect adjustments and ridge lines and foot end high enough. Simply, no calf ridge. Other pros and cons, but no calf ridge. It is history.