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    I have previously written about a time 34 years when I was shivering all night, and though I knew about VB theory then, it never occured to me(or any one else on that trip) to use my rain gear close to skin for sleeping on that 24ļ June night. I'm sure if I had thought of that I would have been nice and warm instead of miserable.

    I just remembered another time when I wish I had thought of this. This time only maybe 10 years ago. In the same high mountains as the first shivering night, but Sept instead of June. And in a hammock rather than on the ground. I took my Speer 20F Pea Pod. Plenty warm on bottom for expected temps, plus easily augmented with clothing or quilts if needed. But the "TQ" part was always tricky, because of the tendency of the hammock's edges to raise the top section of the pod, leaving a gap on top. But if you fill that gap with a light quilt, or even clothing, it is a lot warmer than the 20F rating.

    But I didn't want to take the weight and bulk of even a 40F TQ, and didn't have one anyway. So on 2 high Rocky's trips(one to the Wind River Mountains of WY, the other the Sawtooths of ID) with hammocks and Pea Pod, I have managed to get by just layering my camp/hiking clothing on top of myself, with the pod closed over that. On the first night of that 1st trip, in the mid 20s, I was just barely OK on top(plenty warm on bottom). I realized that if it had been any colder- and it easily could have been- I would have had a cold sleep. But now I'm wondering where my head was? By this time, I had plenty of experience using VBs and radiant blockers under me in my HHSS. And I had plenty of stuff with me that would have worked fine as a VB: my rain gear, or the space blanket that I had under me some nights, not because it was needed for warmth, but just to keep the pod drier. I could have put that over me like a blanket- or wrapped up in it- and still layered my clothing over that, laying on top between me and the pod. Or just worn my rain gear. I have no doubt that if I had done that, I would have gone from just barely OK and nervous about it getting colder(it didn't), to being toasty warm. It would seem that sometimes I am just slow to catch on, and make use of well known facts regarding evaporative cooling.
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