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    Channels sewn to Peoples Bridge Hammock - an experiment

    I was impressed by Dave-O's PBH project, in which he sewed webbing to the hammock bed, but didn't cut away the triangles of fabric outside the webbing. I wondered if the looser fabric on the sides with bungees along the edges made pockets that were usable, and I wanted to try the same thing - with two differences. First, I used Polyester blanket binding to sew channels instead of webbing, and second, I added a 3" pleat across the hammock bed where the angled sides create a ridge. The pleat was just sewn on the part between the channels, so the extra fabric outside made for bigger side pockets. The other reason for the pleat was to strengthen the narrowest part of the hammock bed which has the largest forces on it. Here's a picture of the channels sewn to the 60" wide fabric.
    P1040484.jpg The proportions are very close to the ones in my first PBH thread: torso is 50", leg end is 30", width at the knee ridge is 30". Here's what the finished hammock looks like.

    The end caps are made of scraps of fabric I had on hand, so they're different. The side tendons are 7/64" amsteel, and they are 1/2" shorter than the channels to reduce longitudinal tension on the fabric bed. The pockets work, but they add weight and aren't as useful as storage pockets that are part of the end caps (which I didn't make for this hammock). Like its predecessors, this PBH is extremely comfortable.

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    WV you're always thinking outside the hammock (box). Keep those ideas coming!

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