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    I'll just add to PG's great comments: Anything you choose to wear needs to be loose, particularly socks (as he pointed out.) You don't want to wear anything that might constrict and impede circulation.

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    I've used my Gemini underquilt in 2-layer mode down to 22 degrees. It's probably close to a 40 degree quilt in performance. Full system included my intermediate bag (probably equivalent you a commercial 10 degree bag)
    and bivy cover from a USGI MSS, poncho liner in my bag, and with 2 layers of clothing and footwear. This is a complete system that I've put together over a period of time as I pushed down from 60 degrees to the 20s.

    I think with the right clothing and "extras" you could make it work, but I would work towards it gradually and in a "safe" environment as others have suggested.

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