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    CA Central Coast hang/hike suggestions.

    I am a East Coaster and will be spending a week in mid January on business. Looking to hammock camp prior and post work week. Any suggestions? I will be near San Luis Obispo but would be willing to travel anywhere from Santa Maria to Monterey. Would like to hang with a good ocean view or anywhere there may be an epic hang. My rig is good down to 20 degrees. Thanks Dennis.

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    At first I was going to tell you about some backpacking spots, then I reread it as camping. There are plenty of spots along highway one, but I use a hammock stand so I don't know if Kirk Creek or Limekiln campgrounds would have the trees to have an ocean view

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    Have you already done your trip? Sorry for the late response, but I only just saw ur post.

    I know that area very well, but I have no idea what you are looking for. Free? Campground? On the Beach? Lake? Mtns? Trees?

    Sounds like you'll have a car, so, off the top of my head I'd say travel west outta SLO. You dont have to go any further than the coast, (monta de oro for camping, hiking, mtn biking, tide pools) Head north on hwy 1 til youre happy. Go back the following weekend, starting off where you left off the previous weekend, heading north each time. Rinse and repeat til you hit the Canadian border..... and then keep going. lol Or perhaps The Pinnacles are more your style?

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