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    Lightweight Quick Release Becket Hitch Suspension Using Dutch Whoopie Hooks

    Total suspension only weight 6.2 oz for both combined.
    Raw cost around $70 with the Dutch hardware costing the most.
    About 1,200 pound support weight.

    Purpose: To allow quick removal of hammock from suspension for packing purposes. This allows becket hitch users to set the hitch and attach/remove hammock as needed. Additionally it reduces rope burn wear on hammock amsteel continous loops.

    Details: Attach the Dutch Clips and tree huggers together and hang from tree as normal. Bowline or figure 8 the mule tape to the tree hugger loops. Install Dutch whoopie hooks to amsteel loops and larks head around mule tape. Set a basic loose Becket hitch around amsteel loop with hook and attach hammock on Dutchware whoopie hook. Do the same for other side then go back and adjust becket hitches and double tie with a half hitch to stop and lock potential slippage. Do this on both sides to get your hangle correct.

    For Hammock Suspension:
    2 x Dutchware Titanium Clips
    2 x Dutchware whoopie Hooks
    2 x 1 wide and 5 long SLD tree huggers
    2 x Mule tape 10 feet
    2 x 7/64th Amsteel loops

    For Tarp Integration:
    2 x Zing it/lash it loops
    2 x 7/64 amsteel loops
    2 x Dutchware fleaz with zingit loops

    Tarp Details: Larks head zingit and fleaz around tarp. This is a quick attach hardware and also a backup to set tarp up by itself. On suspension, prussik the zingit loops around the mule tape suspension while wrapping around amsteel loop. This makes it easier to slide along suspension.

    UPDATE 11/12/18

    I致e had success with mule tape using just a slippery half hitch as a stopper knot for the larks head so i will be testing some 1/8 th amsteel. Here is the test sketch. Enjoy!

    Tested out 1/8th amsteel and it held fine with slippery half hitch and Dutch whoopie hooks. Tarp does slip a little bit but the hammock held fine. Next will try the UHMWPE and see how that goes.
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