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    Quote Originally Posted by aranpura View Post
    I tried a quilt + pad setup on a recent trip in Sweden - lesson learned, underquilt + pad is colder than an underquilt alone. I think this was because the pad pushed the quilt away from my body, creating an air gap. My experience was with a standard Thermarest and a WB Yeti, so your Klymit pad and Wooki may get along more agreeably.
    I guess this could make sense being that the pad could create a different shaped bottom that might make it harder for the UQ to conform to, leaving a gap. If both were used effectively, then you would be insulating the pad which should make it way more efficient in keeping you warm. In my opinion, a pad does not supplement insulating properties of the UQ. However, because it is a windblock, it potentially helps, and potentially the combo is warmer than the UQ by itself.

    When its windy I've used a reflectix pad which is sufficiently thin I think to still transfer heat through to the quilt ok, and yet still a good insulator itself as well as a windblocker. I don't put much stock in the reflective properties for keeping warm, and those properties can end up making condensation out of perspiration, but wind over the top seems to keep that in control.

    OP - if I were you, I'd take this as a learning opportunity to try the quilt by itself, which it should be sufficient to keep you warm. However, like most new stuff, there is a learning curve and you might need a good backup. If you'll just make sure the UQ is positioned tightly on the bottom of the hammock, in fact lifting the hammock some when you're not in it, then let the bungies do their job and you should be fine.
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    One trick I've used on other hammock/UQ setups is to cut up a ridge rest pad to "torso-size". Same theory as a foot pad, cover the core heat area (shoulder and butt) and trim off the rest to minimize deforming the UQ.

    This is a cheap solution and has helped me stretch the range of looser fitting combos.

    Seriously though, the WB system is very well designed and, IMO, works better than anything else I've tried, when set up well.

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