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    O.K. Mac - Insultex Peapod

    As per your suggestion here's a quick rundown on the setup. After starting out by hand stitching a peapod with two layers of insultex using hangin'out's daughter's down UQ for an innerlayer; ran into problems with adjusting for compression (loss of loft) on UQ causing cold spots at shoulders @ 10f
    Took a break from the weather:
    And swapped this for:
    Visited parents and got a crash course in sewing from mom. Came home and resurrected "1943" Singer sewing machine and when nuts making hammock gear. Redid suspension on peapod, added a zipper to edges. Made up some internal fasteners on inside of peapod. Made an innerUQ to suspend in peapod. rigged up an adjustment to raise sides and bottom of peapod from inside the hammock using drawcords thru sides of hammock to structural overhead ridgeline. Then made an OQ with a fitted footbox and drawstring weather collar to cinch top down around shoulder and to seal off heat loss around neck. I hope pic's are self explanatory as my previous written discription maybe have kind of sort of convoluted?
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