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    2Go Systems Pad Cover

    Was looking at the 2Go System R.E. Cover. Does anybody have any experience with it or any of their products for that matter. Its essentially a breathable emergency blanket that surrounds the pad to radiate heat back into itself. Wondering how much R-value it can add to the pad.

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    This appears to be designed for ground systems and air mats.

    I've always been more than a bit dubious about the real benefits of using radiant reflective materials in this manner. Better to concentrate on heat loss from convection and conduction. Personally, I would not carry something that weighs 6-7oz and adds complexity to the sleep system unless it provided a demonstrable and significant advantage.

    In my experience, a warm combo is a Thermarest Xtherm combined with a 3/8" closed cell foam pad on top... assuming other elements of the sleep system are also up to the task. Even warmer is the Xtherm with a Ridge Rest on top.

    But for a hammock it seems to me that this is just a very bulky, unwieldy mess. Better to get an appropriate UQ and perhaps add a UQ cover, and, in any event, a full-cover tarp or well chosen campsite out of the wind.
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    I dunno, I'd be curious how it would work in an Amok Draumr, or luke's 90* hammocktent

    My synmat9 is already pretty decent in cold weather, and I'm not a huge -40 camper, so I don't know that I'd need a ton more, but I imagine it wouldn't hurt to use try it in the -15 -20 range

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