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    I finally got around to trying out my 10` standard width. My 11` Trail Lair with winter cover, 20 degree WL quilt set and 3.6 oz insulated underquilt protector all fit inside.

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    it depends
    Quote Originally Posted by TxAggie View Post
    The trapped air is one concern I had when I ordered mine so I got the mesh instead, and it works great.

    I have the larger version, and for this weekend I had the following wrapped by the catch-all:
    o Dutch Chameleon, standard width
    o Ridgeline organizer
    o Sidesling
    o EE Revelation 20* TQ
    o Hammock Gear Econ Incubator 0* UQ
    o 2QZQ Underquilt protector
    o An old Redhead synthetic compressible pillow

    I just stuff mine into a compactor bag in my pack. The entire setup takes up about half of a Exos 58, but again that’s with a full length 0* underquilt. Stuffing the compactor bag takes a minute or two, but once my suspension is hung, my hammock and quilts are in place and ready to go in about 30 seconds. If I really need more space, I could get a true compression bag and probably compress another 25%. But that might mean relofting could take a little longer.
    Plus one on the compacter trash bag. Cheap (Free), effective, and versatile. No need for a slug tube or catch all sack. As always, YMMV

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