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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailSlug View Post
    I would strongly recommend looking at some of the cottage vendors hammocks as they are simply better then the Hennessy offerings. Check out SimplyLightDesigns, Hammock Gear, Dutchweargear, Warbonnet, etc the list goes on and on if you want a quality comfortable hammock. You may also want to order your quilts as there are very few manufactures that have ready to go quilts.
    I agree, but only with a top-loading hammock. There is no other bottom loading hammock and potentially that's why you're choosing Hennessy? Nothing better for dealing with bugs, but of course, bugs aren't typically an issue in colder weather. If you are interested in the bottom entry, the JRB Nest is the best option. I used a Jarbridge for a while and it was fine, but with any ordinary quilt, you'll need to zip mod the HH to be able to reach out and adjust the UQ. That's why I don't have my Explorer anymore, but I always found it to be comfy otherwise. And even with the zip version, as a pkg including tarp, the HH is a really good value.

    Being you'll be camping in cold temps, though, you really don't need a netted hammock as much as one with a top cover, or probably more importantly, a tarp with doors to block wind. Think HH's tarp is more geared to lots of rain vs. blocking wind. A true winter tarp is large so that a whole side or both can be staked close to the ground. You might want to consider getting a cheaper, netless hammock and spending the remainder on a good winter tarp. You can always add a net later.

    Even though the 10% off sale is over, HammockGear is still about the most economical place to get a zero quilt set. The Econ series is very good, and light, just not quite as light as most std quilts are. I'd recommend checking out the Simply Light Designs website before moving forward. Lots of stuff in their clearance section worth looking at.
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    Although the Nest is designed for the bottom entry Hennessy, you don't need it just because you have a bottom entry hammock. It is easy to push any UQ out of the way.

    Also, if you are buying from Hennessy directly, you can specify a larger tarp and just pay the difference between that larger tarp and the standard Asymmetric tarp provided. For winter temperatures you are wise to go at least 10 degrees lower than you want to endure and I recommend, if you are going with Hennessy, the Hex or one of the models with doors (Typhoon/Monsoon).

    One advantage of snow is you can use it for building material. You will probably need to dig some snow out from under the hammock anyway. So you can put it along the sides and maybe one end of the tarp for additional wind break.

    Here is a photo of a winter setup when I had the Nest. Note that you will have to get close to trees for the suspension and you have to watch out for "tree wells". Even if there isn't a deep pit around the base of the tree, often the snow is softer so you sink a a bit and the webbing doesn't go up so high. That's why you end up digging some snow out under the hammock area.


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    [QUOTE=dakotaross;1936109]I agree, but only with a top-loading hammock. There is no other bottom loading hammock and potentially that's why you're choosing Hennessy?

    Not interested in bottom entry. Only going with hh because thatís all I have seen or heard of here in Australia. But now Iím thinking I should be looking at other options for a hammock also

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    I will Third both the Under Ground Quilts (Paul and Missy are awesome!!) and the Hammock Gear price (can't speak to the UQ yet as mine is enroute via shipping and won't be in till saturday). I don't think that you would have the quilts by X-mas though as shipping times are over 5 weeks (I ordered mine 10/23 and it is slated to arrive 12/1).

    If you were to go with the "Fast Track" items from Underground Quilts you could have your quilt done is 2-3 days depending on if the quilt and temp you are looking at is in stock (0* had several choices still).

    Looks like Hammock Gear is still about a 5 week lead time on their insulation.
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