I like the way you tarp!!!!!!
The journey continues...... most of this is from my overnighter so some camp talk as well.
*Look at some fun features and stuff you can do with the continual ridgeline.
*Re-visit the shock-cord pull-outs.
*A 360 looky-see at my DIY Winter Tarp with Velcro Doors.
*Stuffing into snakeskins ... again.
*A pep talk!!
*The continual ridgeline over the TOP of the tarp.
*Put up the Speer Winter Tarp.....
*A Tarp blues ditty.......
*Over & Out.

Much obliged to all for taking a peek at all this palaver....
All secure in sector seven,

PART 8 Hammock How-To .... TARP RAP