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    When I mentioned setting your hammock up under the tarp that was supported by hiking poles, I didn't mean setting up as a hammock; I meant setting it up as a bivi bag in your go-to-ground option. Also note, if this hike will be done during the summer, that in the Oregon stretch there are often forest fires that cause the PCT to be re-routed. So you may be relocated to destinations/camp area other than planned at the beginning. Finally - the greatest Heresy - I really didn't need to worry so much about food. There was a resort where I could eat at Crater Lake. There was another the next day or day and a half at Diamond Lake, And on up past most the Cascade Lakes. I could have probably gotten by with some bread and peanut butter between resort stops - but I didn't have a credit card in those days. I'm not sure they had credit cards back in those days.

    But check the route of the current trail now and any available lake resorts and their convenience stores along the way. You may find this whole "sending food ahead" and focus on freeze dried is not necessary.

    Here's photo of setting my hammock up as bivi when I needed to camp in an open field during a kayak trip.


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    Thanks for all the advice. I start April 18th. I am going to try the Dutch Spider straps with Marlin Hitch method to save weight. Thanks so much for advice! On the plus side, my wife will be using a tent so if I canít find trees I have tent access with the wife

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