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    if you can make a foot pedal for a 'gear construction' machine, you will have few problems with the projects on this site- Go for it!(and welcome to the group of comfortable hikers!)
    yep i can do that realy easy and in my world sewing machine is not bad word :P but yes it may sound lil girlish from my mouth but im ok with that. Pedal is all moste done allready only few prob solve and it is done


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    not quite eno..
    10x12 DIY
    DIY whoopie slings
    yes, the joys of different cultures- on this side of the ocean saying "I sew" conjures up images of teenage girls in home economics class, putting ruffles on aprons. saying "I can make my own camping gear" is a totally different image- men in industrial settings, running huge machinery setups...
    so welcome to the group! have fun, KM

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I spent the better part of 3 months in Vaasa Finland. Went to Helsinki to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Jokerit. We also got to camp about 300km north of the artic circle (can't remember the name of the lake ) in late November. That is still my favorite work related trip. Beautiful country with very friendly people. I would love to go back again with my wife to show her what a wonderful place Finland is.

    Pea soup on Thursday's
    Pea soup on Thursdays was the best part of the week!!!!

    Try not to get roped into making EVERYTHING in the first months ..... it will become a painful dissapointment.... but DO have fun making your own gear!
    I do not wish to be disturbed - but I can't help it!

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    pea soup is verry god but be awear that if u eat it too mutch you wil start levitation (soo mutch gas in u)

    i was thinking if i make diy tarp but then i did find this (sorry it is finnish) and start to think about and bought it coz i think it will be god first tarp and have other uses too sum day i will make my own hammock and tarp but not just yet


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    Welcome...I would want to get off the cold ground too.

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