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Nice El Gordo...that made me laugh

I went toggle-less for quite some time actually (about 30 nights on our Mississippi River Thru-Canoe in 2017), using a J Bend, and really liked it. That was with other webbing though (heavier). This summer, while hanging with a friend, we had a J Bend fail. In his case, the knot slipped over, and down he went. He was using the Spider Web and the continuous loops on the hammock were Amsteel. Personally I have used the UHMWPE for a few hangs (maybe 20) around home and on day hikes, and have not had the same problem....never really consider the likelihood of a J bend fail too much untill I heard the thud.

There is probably a way to back up the J Bend in case of failure.
I'm guessing he did not cinch down the MSH adequately and it capsized, sucking the tail and CL thru the MSH loop. In fact, I can't think of any other way it could fail, absent something breaking. I've tied it with 7/64" Amsteel-on-Amsteel and slept on it a fair number of nights with no problems, and if ever it was going to fail when tied correctly that would be it!