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    Outdoor Route Brio Bridge Hammock - Any Info

    Any Info on this hammock other than the company is no more and this max weight fail video.
    I bought one off Craigslist just to try, right price?, and figured I'd see if anyone has or had one.
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    On a whim one was ordered while he was still in business. No bridge
    to compare to other than my Cloudview. Double layer

    no rolled seams where the pad is inserted. Slight cut in the fabric-2. No other bridge to but the give once one lays down feels fine
    to me but I use Klymit static wide

    pad insulated. Nice and comfy for me. Usage mostly winter inside my cover which was built for this hammock.
    The four corner tips are metal that stick out I added a plastic tips. If I remember
    lightweight 14.5 oz total weight and 225 lbs individual weight I weigh in at 165 color hunter
    green? I have used this setup several times throughout the year in winter.

    Hammock, poles, cover etc.
    No rolled seams just fabric
    where the pad enters
    Wide insulated pad
    Stock Photo from Outdoor
    Protected tips
    Old stand with the Brio
    Winter set up

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    arczeneb, thank you for the detailed reply, nice enclosed sock!. I just got mine this morning and noticed the same construction details on my green brio. I was surprised to see the amsteel stitched to the fabric vs enclosed in a hem then again I don't have another bridge to compare it to, is that normal construction? Might be why there are tears in the fabric on all four corners, one 8" long; 2nd hand buyers remorse, I guess "excellent condition" means something different to him?
    I was hoping to hang it as soon as I got it, plans have changed.
    Probably end up eating it which means reinforcing tear and enclosing amsteel in grosgrain?
    Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flySAR View Post
    Might be why there are tears in the fabric on all four corners, one 8" long;
    Sorry to hear about your disappointing buying experience. An 8" tear certainly doesn't sound like a hammock that is in "excellent condition."

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