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    Under insulation thoughts: poking holes in a air pad...

    While i use an under-quilt most of the time, i'm toying with the idea of using a sleeping pads to allow for flexibility while camping (might need to go to ground for various reasons). One of the bigger issues with using a sleeping pad is that it doesn't breath and condensation forms (long ago i'd wake up to little cups of water in my zpad...)

    Has anyone tried to allow a sleeping pad to breath some? I look at some of the newer designs like the sea to summit with their air pockets and i see circles of fabric laminated together and wonder if a hole could be punched in these spots...

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    I wouldn't do that to an air pad - just thinking it may become a weak spot to delaminate. However, you could take ccf pad, or maybe even reflectix, and punch holes in it to give it some breathability and direct access to the loft underneath. Hadn't thought of that before, may have to try it next time.

    Klymit has some pads with holes in them, you might try one of those. I have the Inertia Xlite and its perfect for that application, and its not terrible on the ground. And not much xtra in the pack, as it most often just stays at the bottom and never makes it out.
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    Given the cost of those sea to summits, I would not even think of it.

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    Yeah Klymit already does what you propose with a few of their pads. Not exactly, but the same principal.

    Their thinner pads aren't comfortable on the ground, to me, and their thicker, more hammock-appropriate, pads are heavier than I want to pack.

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    looking at the klymit stuff, the inertia ozone seems like it has some promise. Dont think it will be nearly warm enough while hanging (low r-value, relying on sleeping bag loft) but its kinda the idea i'm going with (was thinking less open space tho.

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