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    been shopping lol getting ready for a campout later this month so far ive ordered
    10 yards ripstop (group buy)
    12 yards black sil 2nds (noah lamport seconds)
    bought a ton of webbing and tube
    40' of shock cord
    7.5 yards of dwr nylon
    a pair of chain links from arrowhead
    and some smc descending rings from rei (4)

    still need
    synthetic insulation still shopping around on this got a 50% off coupon for joans fabrics gotta see what they have

    so hopefully next week ill have a couple full days of learning to sew ( read watching my mom sew this stuff up lol) into a tarp (catcut with doors) and a mid to lightweight underblanket will do best to post pics as it goes lol

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    Glad you picked up some of the black silnylon. Don't forget your thread.

    The batting at JoAnns won't near as good as the stuff at or AHE; besides, why spend good money on silnylon and then get low quality synthetic insulation. My 2cents, still wish you luck!

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    Woohoo you go mikek, DIY all the way, from the getgo, good for you.

    Well you've been reading the right forum so I know your armed, good luck with
    the projects & have fun....oh yea and show pics

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    ok a couple of days later.. and im tired and have learned more about sewing than i thought possible lol

    so far converted my old -20* bag to an uq but cutting in an asym shape covering the outside with dwr ripstop and sewing on rope tubes (will post pics in a day or 2)

    made a stuff sack out of dwr for my inflatable pad..

    sewn up my tree straps, attached my new chain links (awesome) and rei smc descender rings to my ENO doublenest....
    whew lol im still waiting on my 1.1 ripstop and sil to come in so nothing started on tarp yet...

    my sister is an emt and ive got her ordering me a couple of thermadrapes to play with, im thinking of velcroing it into my uq as an extra bit of heat if needed...

    hoping to get one good night in the back yard this weekend before the 3 day outing next week... unfortunatly midterms start tomorrow do i dont know how soon ill get pictures up but they are comming

    just a thought on the chain links my hammock fits into its stuff sac much better than it did with the stock suspension parts, it also feels much lighter than it had previously...

    any ideas on the best way to attach the supports for the uq? still gotta do that...

    thank you all for the wealth of information here!

    edited to add: also found a gaurdian bugnet at gander mountain for 39$ so i got that..... with the buffalo flies last summer there was a couple of times i woulda sold my soul for one of those lol.. glad waited
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    bringing this one back to the top to add pics of my MYOG.
    learned a lot making these lol, how to use that mystical sewing machine for one learning that i need to get much more shock cord than i think i do. silnilon is slicker than poo. etc lol

    ive also made some snake skins for the tarp out of 1.1 ripstop breathable but its not one there because i still gotta seal some seams
    any good suggestions on cordage for the ridgeline for my tarp? also any ideas where i should look for surgical tubing? im gonna redo all my tarp lines for sure

    the tubular bag is for my inflatable sleeping pad mom made that and it came out perfectly!
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