Thank you Donna for the 20D Silpoly Grizz Beaks. I received them yesterday and tried of one them out today. The fit was great. The poles are giving me a slight issue as they allow the grizz beak to slide down when I tighten them up (poles) allowing the beak to slide off of the tarp. It was so windy today that when a good gust pushed against the tarp and caused deflection the beak slid down the poles and off allowing a 1-2" gap when the tarp "reset" it's position. I had to readjust by moving the stakes back towards the open end thus applying more pressure. It's simply an adjustment issue that I hadn't forseen. I'll post better pics and a review after next months wilderness trip.

PS-The colors are spot on for both the Moroccan Blue and Coyote Brown tarps

Please excuse the crappy pics. I'll post better ones next month
20181216_115552 (Small).jpg
20181216_115608 (Small).jpg
20181216_115641 (Small).jpg
20181216_114526 (Small).jpg