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    Quote Originally Posted by dkurfiss View Post
    Since it has a ridge line, no but if you contact 2QzQ and have a mod 4 done, you can zip the netting back, put it in the bag 2QZQ provides and poof, you have no but net in your face.
    Also possible with 2QZQ mod number 2 as shown in my video below.

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    You can use the stock model as a chair and you can lounge back to a limited degree. Pictures would be easier than words to describe here... but basically, stand outside the hammock, walk to the middle, grab the bottom/very middle with one hand, with the other hand grab the seam between the nylon under and the bug net upper, and push that seam to the far side of the hammock... simultaneously pull the bottom of the hammock towards you. Makes a bit of a seat. Not a huge one. You can sit in there and the bug net stretches up around your shoulders and the ridgeline will be somewhere behind your head.

    You can lay down while sitting like this, but it's not the sort of situation you'd be napping in... this is for chewing the fat around a campsite.

    I have a cheap ($20ish) sitpad for chilling around camp. Easier than trying to jigger something with the hammock. And, you do want to be cooking and eating away from your shelter, so in practice I find myself not really hanging around the shelter area very much anyways. Different styles of hiking/camping call for different approaches and equipment of course.

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