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I’ve used the Tensa solo with great success while motorcycle trekking as well as in desert environments. However, I would recommend buying these titanium ground stakes to use in rocky or hard-packed ground:

TITO High Strength Titanium alloy tent stakes Tent pegs nail pegs for canopy camping tent DIA 8mm and Length 240mm only 56G (8x300mm) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRX9J6V..._AZQHCbQ2CTPV0

The titanium stakes are 12” x 0.25” and are INDUSTRUCTABLE. The orange plastic screws that comes with Tensa are good for sand or soft ground, but not so good for super hard ground.

Here are a couple of recent photos of the Tensa in use:

[AIMG]Attachment 173378[/AIMG]

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I bought a set of those TiTo stakes. Make sure to get the 12" ones. I haven't had a chance to use them, but they do look good. When we come out with the Carbon Fiber trekking/hammock poles these are stakes we might include. I'll be camping and hiking with the first prototype CF Trekking in a couple of weeks.

For grins and giggles the first prototype did NOT pass the 305# test - but the specs are being revised. This would go faster if the new Tensa4 tarp extensions weren't flying off my shelf faster than I can ship them. Not that Todd or I am complaining.