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Twice I've been in rooms where entry and bathroom doors were placed such that I could hang normally between them. Half a Tensa4 isn't likely to work indoors well because the feet need either to be dug in (nope) or constrained from a specific small range of places to prevent them sliding out. Setting up Tensa4 atop a bed has worked well for me at least half a dozen times. Anchor to the bed itself (that you are weighting down in the stand). The bed can't be too close to the wall(s) though.

I did manage to hang once in a hotel room with Trekking Treez, using the entry door hinge pin for the foot end, and the pole for the head. To anchor the pole, I wedged the screw anchors between the bolted-to-floor bed base and the box spring at opposite corners. I was just lucky this worked; it's the last of our stands I'd ever recommend indoors. If it hadn't worked...
Interesting. I’ve yet to find a room with two opposite doors and i stay in a LOT of hotel rooms for work. One day I hope.

I’ll just have to try stuff out. I wish i could get a larger carry on, I already have the largest you can get before it has to be checked. Check bags are not gonna work for what i do. Hmmm